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Godfather’s Pizza Website

Web   •   Posted August 2015

Project Details

  • Client: Godfather's Pizza
  • Project: Website
  • Date: February 2013
  • Category: Web
  • Our Favorite Feature: Scrolling parallax

Project Notes

Iridian worked with Godfather’s Pizza, Inc. to redesign their corporate website to better fit the company brand and reestablish them as a major competitor in the industry.

Through several exploratory meetings, we determined that Godfather’s relies on the character persona of the Godfather character, both to separate themselves from the competition and as a memorable branding element. With this in mind, we created an edgy website that calls out the character while also focusing on the product.

Overall, the new site design has a dark, edgy look, but with the addition of vivid colors and fun textures to add interest and avoid creating a ‘scary’ impression. The scrolling parallax feature provides unique depth and user interaction, giving a virtual 3D experience that hints at the movie connection.

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